Imagine yourself lying on a Caribbean beach while gazing at the turquoise waters of the Atlantic ocean; a nice breeze comes blowing in making the temperature just right. Ahh, this is the life. Then you pull out your phone to surf the web. Yes! Life is grand! This is exactly what I did on vacation last week which leads me to this next blog post about personal branding; and you didn’t even know it.

While surfing the web, one article by SitePoint intrigued me. Titled: “Creating a Personal Brand: Too Late! You Already Have One”. This article was about how others perceive something/someone without the person actually marketing themselves. The same day that I read this article; I heard of an interesting situation.

The situation:  Company-A gathered a few people (Name them Person-X, Person-Y, Person-Z) for a proposal for a project to Company-B. Company-B told Company-A to that they would not get the work if Person-X was in the proposal because of his reputation.

True story! So an individual’s personal branding has a big effect on not only their co-workers but also companies with which they work – for better or for worse! This leads me to think how perception and personal experience brands companies! How many times have attitude from a staff member or environment ruin or made your stay more enjoyable at a hotel? (I’m sure everyone who reads this can comment on this.)

A positive experience was when I had the amazing opportunity to stay in a luxury beach resort called Amanyara on the Turks & Caicos Islands. Prior to check-in, locals asked “where are you staying?”. When they hear “Amanyara”, there was always a smile on their face followed by the comment “you’ll get treated very well there”.

On arrival to the resort, we were greeted by staff who gave us a tour of the resort while we sipped on a refreshing mint drink. At lunch, friendly staff gave us basil infused hand towels; hand soap from the bathroom had a hint of orange blossom. Funny how aromas trigger memories and alter moods, but that is another blog post! The overall ambiance of the private villa, spotless white sandy beaches, infinity pool and the very friendly staff members made this experience amazing. Overall, superb architecture, style and most importantly excellent customer service attributed to the branding of this resort to make it a luxury. Just imagine if the staff treated us poorly, would this experience have been the same? Most definitely not.  Like this and any other experience, one sour needle could have ruined the whole experience.

Now, take a look at yourself. Where does your personal branding rate in other people’s eyes?



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