I walked into work this morning and I passed Starbucks, Second Cup, a locally owned coffee shop and Tim Horton’s.

I noticed Starbucks had a handful of people waiting in line and Second Cup and the locally owned coffee shop each had one person waiting.

As for Tim Horton’s, I stopped counting at 14.

Seeing numerous people waiting in line at Tim Horton’s is a common sight – almost expected.

Why is that? Is it the taste? Is it the affordable price? Is it the convenient locations? Or is it the brand?

I’m not a coffee drinker and I can’t comment on the taste but it’s my feeling that it’s the brand that drives people to Tim Horton’s.

Tim Horton’s has done an excellent job of taking themselves to the “next level”. They’ve even created their own language (ie – double double). With the exception of  Molson Canadian Beer, Tim Horton’s has surpassed any brand that has labeled themselves as truly Canadian.  (maybe that’s why the US locations are not as successful).

The brand has a far reach and captures everyone that drinks coffee in Canada. In fact, one day I saw a homeless person sorting through garbage and he was checking the unrolled “roll up the rim” coffee cups.

It will be interesting to see how far the Tim Horton’s brand carries the organization but for the last three consecutive years, Tim Horton’s has been labeled the #1 brand in Canada.

Way to go Timmy!