A tradeshow is an awesome way to drum up sales, build your brand, and establish great contacts. It is also a pretty sizeable marketing expense. To ensure that your marketing budget is not squandered, you have to strategize the best way to maximize the success of your booth before, during and after the tradeshow.

Before the tradeshow: The goal here is to always build hype for your booth. Using your pre-established branding, create marketing materials that target your audience and make your booth more appealing. There is incredible competition from other booths during tradeshows, but by building and maintaining interest you can set your booth apart. During this time, leverage your social media marketing to ensure you are reaching the right people. It is also important to set your goals at this stage, and ask yourself if these goals are attainable and measurable.

During the tradeshow: Assuming that you’ve done your homework and successfully raised significant interest in your booth, how do you maximize the success when clients arrive? Focus on professional marketing collateral and ensure your booth is not simply a brochure. This good be as simple as great signage, or as complex as scheduling a keynote speaker to drive traffic. Gather client data through prize giveaways, and make a memorable connection with potential clients. Ensure that your brand is represented through all marketing collateral, like signage, print, and uniforms.

After the tradeshow: Through successful data gathering, you can now focus on utilizing that data to leverage towards sales. If your company did a prize giveaway, send your sales team to personally deliver the prize. Bring your best marketing and continue the conversation you started previously. To achieve this, it is an excellent idea to schedule follow-ups with all potential clients from the tradeshow. Establish when and who to contact, and ensure that the information you gathered does not go to waste.