Ok. So… here at William Joseph we have decided to task ourselves with a little bit of blogging on top of our never ending billable work (Blah! I know right). Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been racking my brain as to what I wanted to write about, and what of importance do I have to share and contribute with the so called blogosphere. That being said I think it’s only fitting that the creative Team share creative work, and let’s face it this blog is lacking when it comes to visual interest. So like I do everyday here at William Joseph my mission is to make this blog pretty or at least post pretty pictures. There will obviously be method to this madness. These posts will posses some sort of over arching theme whether it be inspirational visuals, up and coming artist or the ever popular brand collaborations we see sprouting up on a day to day. Not too worry though everything you witness after the jump will some how loosely tie back to what it is we do here daily in the bowels of William Joseph. Basically these post are a little insight into the things that interest me and hopefully in the end, interest you.

Like most of us here at WJ I spend a great deal of time online combing blogs and visiting my favorite sites which sometimes lead you on fantastic tangents into unexplored arms of the information super highway. These are the gems that I intend to share with you. Back to the task at had. It’s time to be inspired.


To kick off our weekly (maybe monthly) dose of inspiration I’m going to take it back to an all time favorite duo of mine (Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers) The Heads of state. http://theheadsofstate.com. Working In the digital realm you can easily get lost in the clutter of the internet and all it beholds, so for the purpose of this post I’m going to take it back to the old school and get back to the roots of traditional media. This extremely talented duo that like to refer to them selves as “a garage band agency” has been around in some form or another since 2002. In a nutshell these guys produce amazing silkscreen poster art for a roster of clients that would make any designers mouth water. Ranging from agency heavy hitters like BBDO to indie bands like Wilco, Modest Mouse, the ever familiar R.E.M and the super brand some have come to recognize as Starbucks. As I may have mentioned earlier they got their start creating beautiful silkscreen gig poster and band merch and have now emerged as a full service mom and pop shop.


In my opinion, and of course this is just one small mans opinion; the strength of their design is in their ability to keep things simple. Simple is beautiful, their use of derivative shape paired with genius typography and sharp conceptual ideas constantly knocks their designs out of the park. The Heads of state color pallet has almost become a part of their brand Identity. These muted palettes add volumes to the designs and show the power of a limited palette and the beauty of the lost art of printmaking. Ok, ok, I know enough with the word lets get to the good stuff. I think below you’ll find a nice selection of some of their work. I would love to share it all with you but that’s what the link is for >> http://theheadsofstate.com/#posters. Feel free to peruse their site and hopefully you enjoy their stuff, as much has I have.