When I tell people I’ve spent the past five years in post-secondary education, they immediately assume I have some sort of degree. I know my parents wish I were at least a doctor. The truth is I just wasn’t satisfied with one thing; my passion for knowing more and refining my skills took me from business school in my home province of Manitoba where I received a diploma in marketing, to a year of graphic design school in Vancouver, and back to Manitoba where I jumped into a brand new Interactive Media Arts program at Assinboine College in Brandon, MB. There I expanded my graphic design skills and added experience in web design and development, as well as had the opportunity to do a lot of freelance work with clients and start to get a taste of the industry. As my education completed, I knew I’d had my fill of Manitoba and decided to widen my horizons and look for bigger opportunities, bringing me to look to Calgary. Upon simple research, William Joseph Communications kept coming up over and over again. Whether it was great SEO or the fact that I just loved their work, I put them on the top of my list of potential practicum placements. To my luck (or lady luck?), I got in! I was going to be WJ’s newest intern!

My journey from Manitoba began with a treacherous eleven-hour drive. I left the snow banks in my rear view mirror, survived off of energy drinks to keep me awake through the boring Saskatchewan landscape (no offence to my colleagues Amy and Matt in our Saskatoon office!), and made it into warm and sunny Alberta. With the air conditioning on and Google maps leading me down some sketchy back roads, I made it to Calgary!

It’s only half way through my first week at William Joseph’s offices in downtown Calgary, and I’m already being told to write this blog. My name is Caitlin (a.k.a. Catalina, Cali, Cailtin, Cailin), and I’m the new creative department intern at William Joseph’s Calgary office for the next two months. Initial confusion over the spelling of my name aside, I was welcomed into the office with many laughs and some hilarious desktop backgrounds on my computer.

So far the entire WJ team has been incredibly welcoming and friendly. I’ve already been introduced to the office’s collection of terrible CDs only to spend the morning reliving Backstreet Boys memories between bits of crazy complicated server config talk from the developers.  Upon flipping through the huge selection of resource books available, the designer in me fell in love with paper samples and Pantone colour swatches. I was also introduced to Kris’ massive library of fonts. Over 20,000 typefaces at my disposal – a typography lover’s dream!

I cannot wait to get working on some projects with the team to see more of what they do day-to-day. As a student who spent the past five years in school refining what I wanted to do with my life, it’s incredibly rewarding to be sitting at a desk at an agency surrounded by some amazing like-minded people. I got a feeling I will definitely enjoy my time here!