Keeping your marketing and branding consistent is absolutely paramount to the way the public views your business.  Your brand is more than a brochure or logo, it is your over-arching reputation; and the first thing your market thinks of when they hear your name. You can have the best product or service on the market, but if your brand were not clearly defined no one would bother engaging your business.

Once your brand is fleshed out, you must worry about maintaining it.  The health of your brand is completely dependent on the constancy of the brand message. Any sway in messaging can take any of the hard earned brand credibility you’ve achieved and throw it in the garbage. Your potential clients will not engage with companies they do not deem well organized and well-thought out, so an inconsistent message will just get lost in the busy marketing landscape. Additionally, the public associates bad branding with poor quality, no matter what the product or service is that you are marketing.

Inconsistency in brand messaging is confusing at best, and forgettable at worst. The health of your brand messaging is a great indicator of the overall health of your business. When thinking constancy, keep the following in mind:

  1. Clearly define your brand strategy: Everything from mission and vision statements, to messaging and language, the more thought you put into your brand strategy the more likely you are to keep a consistent message.
  2. Carry your branding across all platforms: With digital marketing, it is easy to forget about your messaging. Ensure all marketing can be held to the standard of your branding. It’s easy to ignore, but is your social media messaging in line with your brand?
  3. Growth is different than change: Staying fresh and a complete overhaul are two different things. Allow your messaging to grow with your consumer base, but always stay consistent to the core branding.  Growing your brand is a slow endeavor, not something you do overnight.