At WJ, we are proud of all the work we do. We spend countless hours between discovery meetings with clients, to concept and strategy development, to creative design, to web development, as well as consistent meetings between our departments to ensure that everyone is firing in sync. By the time we go live with a project, every team in our office has had their say, collaborated with the client, and ensured that we are exceeding the clients expectations while producing affective marketing that addresses their business challenges. When we finish a project, it is the byproduct of hard, thoughtful work. It’s not an easy process, but it is why we do what we do: it’s a challenge, and we love a challenge.

Kids Cancer Care of Alberta approached us earlier this year with just such a challenge. The charitable organization, which works to raise funds to support families battling childhood cancers, came to William Joseph for help with a national campaign. While there are many childhood cancer charities across Canada, there was no national campaign that could unite all these groups under one website. So, in honour of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, it was decided that a national campaign website be developed that would serve as both a resource for families battling childhood cancer, and also a place for people to easily donate to charities across Canada.

The Big Book of Care was taking shape. After meetings with Kids Cancer Care, our creative and strategy teams got down to work. A basic brand was developed, and mock advertisements were created. From there, our teams plugged away and began work on the website. The finished product is a platform for families battling childhood cancer to share their story, while also a working as a functional fundraising site for the charities.

Although we are really proud of the end product, we are more proud of the cause. With tens of thousands of families affected each year, childhood cancer is not something to ignore. The Big Book of Care allows for those that need resources to find them, and those that want to donate their time and money a place to do so. It is changing the lives of children and their families across Canada, and we couldn’t be happier by doing our part. So check out the new Big Book of Care website, and if you are so inclined, donate to one of the many organizations that took part.