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Business Development Manager

Wendy has been involved in business development, customer service and marketing and public relations for over 20 years. Her early years started in agriculture where she worked on a large grain and cattle farm north of Calgary.  She learned at an early age the necessity of hard work, dedication, community, and the business of farming.

From her early agriculture days, Wendy has had a variety of unique experiences ranging from small business start-ups, in a variety of industries, to operating her own hair salon. Wendy has a passion for bringing people and ideas together and enjoys being a part of a team that delivers what is expected of them.

Wendy has a genuine desire to see people succeed and takes great pleasure in facilitating the steps to achieve the goal. Wendy’s common-sense approach to finding a solution to any challenge makes her an asset, and quite frankly, a pleasure to be around.

“As a mother of 2 boys, I have been motivated to work hard and evolve my skill set to be a positive example to my kids. My ability to communicate well with people has been the cornerstone for me being successful. My experiences have given me a deep understanding and empathy for overcoming challenges and creating a path to success.”