WJC Team





Content Writer

Growing up allergic to almost everything on his family’s isolated Saskatchewan farm, Taylor avoided outdoor chores by learning to read and write at a young age. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Calgary, he began freelancing as a writer and editor for clients around Canada (and sometimes as far away as Indonesia), and from 2016-2018 served as the lead copywriter in the Marketing & Communications department of the Calgary International Film Festival. Having worked with several other Calgary-based marketing agencies on a contract basis, he brings an uncontrollable creativity with a strangely oxymoronic attention to formal grammar details to the William Joseph team.

When not dissecting documents line-by-line, Taylor can be found reading, meticulously organizing his desk, practicing his fingerstyle guitar skills, or stargazing out at the family farm (where he has, thankfully, outgrown most of those childhood allergies).