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Client Services


Director of Client Services

A man of many talents, Stuart leads the client services, internal marketing, and business development initiatives at William Joseph, using skills he picked up over nearly a decade in various marketing roles for brands like Big Rock Brewery and District Ventures. Whether guiding start-ups to success or bringing established organizations to even loftier heights, Stuart brings ambitious goals, a perceptive mind, and unbridled passion for his role to every project, unabashedly leading the way to untrodden new ground.

Stuart spent 6 years in Vancouver before returning to Calgary in 2019 (“So that’s where the sun has been all this time,” he is reported to have said), and in his downtime he often experiments with the combination of hockey watching, beer tasting, and vigorous discussions about Big Ideas (you know the ones). A man of ideals and conviction, he also helped found a sustainable health food organization in 2019 and still acts as an advisor to their board