WJC Team



Owner, CEO

Ryan grew up in a farming family on the picturesque plains outside Wadena, SK. Fueled by good old-fashioned grit and determination, this young entrepreneur initially planned to become a doctor – even starting his studies under Benedictine monks at St. Peter’s College in Muenster, SK. After discovering the world of marketing and all the freedom and expression that it offered to big dreamers like himself, he changed his career path to business and earned a College of Commerce degree.  

A love of animals also drove him to volunteer at, and later become an employee of, the Saskatoon Forestry Farm and Zoo. Starting a career at a non-profit organization gave him an insight into maximizing budgets to achieve goals, because every dollar had to make a difference. After working in media at the Saskatoon Free Press and the Calgary Sun, Ryan realized that marketing was his true lifelong passion.

With years of industry experience under his belt, Ryan founded William Joseph Communications. He had a vision to create a marketing agency that relied on smart strategy and research to inform on-the-mark creative. From its humble beginnings, the agency has grown over the last 20 years into a place that dozens of diverse industry experts call home. Through it all, Ryan provides leadership and direction, guided by an unending passion for the industry and helping everyone who comes through the door.  

As CEO, Ryan manages the key relationships of the agency in all its markets and helps provide long-term vision and insight for the company. He is always eager and ready to share his story of entrepreneurship and the lessons he has picked up along the way – such as his monthly Global TV segments on marketing, which provide a place to educate the public on upcoming trends. Knowing the importance of a strong network, he often shows up to be a guest speaker or attend a panel discussion to offer a distinct point of view, and of course, each month he is at his infamous “Ryan’s Roundup” events, where people from all walks of life come together to build new business relationships.  

Even though he does it all, Ryan also makes sure to spend his free time with friends and family, pursuing his fitness goals, traveling (especially on his motorcycle), or simply hitting the park with his three dogs. Living life to the fullest is important for him, and he lives his with authenticity, integrity, and of course, a great sense of humour.