WJC Team





Digital Manager

As a natural creative and tenacious problem-solver, Re joins the William Joseph crew with a diverse set of skills, bridging the gap between creative and strategic execution. He began building on the web in grade 7 and has since graduated from tinkering with HTML and CSS websites, to leading entire teams in the development of websites and mobile apps. Since Re began as a freelancer in 2013, he has launched over 300 websites, organized over 40 WordPress meetups and has been a mentor for Startup Weekend.

Re is an editor for the WordPress.org codex, and an advocate for open source technology. He studied Photojournalism at The Brooks Institute and has a deep passion for the art of visual storytelling and documentary films. Outside of the office, you can usually find Re at any number of tech meetups – either speaking on stage or sipping on a frosty brew in the audience.