WJC Team





Director of Operations

On an ultimate journey to the top of the business world after earning her B.Comm at the University of Calgary, Morgan has made a stop in our corner office and set up shop as the Director of Operations. Passionate about people, progress, clients, and company culture in equal measure, Morgan ensures that everything in the office is running smoothly and improving at every possible opportunity. She draws inspiration from the diverse and eclectic atmosphere around the office and brings a welcome and unrelenting optimism to even the most stressful situations. She’s always the first to step up and help out the rest of the team, even if she’s already the busiest one in the room.

While Morgan publicly admits to no weakness at all, rumours say that she’s known to enjoy long strolls through online shopping sections, morning workouts, traveling, and documenting the adventures of her dog Delilah for the inevitable autobiographical movie about her life.