WJC Team





Art Director

An alumna of the University of the Arts in Calgary, Melissa was the Art Director at another agency for seven years before joining the WJ team as a graphic designer in 2020. With an atmosphere that emphasizes her professional priorities of being part of a great team culture and dynamic, she has fit right in to deliver some of the trademark, eye-catching designs we are known for.

Her specialties are in UI and UX design, and a rather impressive ability to identify any font you send her way. To stand out from other people named Melissa in the world, she has a tattoo of Leonard Nimoy’s signature on her arm, and a perfect, cavity-free dental record. She also loves to fly fish (with a hope to build her own fly rod) and does regular yoga, even though her joints remain stubbornly inflexible. And a warning – she will eat any cheese you have, so lock up the fancy stuff.