WJC Team





Social Media Manager

Just off a dusty and weather-beaten stretch of lonesome road (okay, not that lonesome) near Grande Prairie lies the childhood home of Kira, who leads our social media content team. Growing up, she always dreamed of following that road a little further, which she eventually did after high school – pursuing a post-secondary education first in Vancouver and then in Ontario, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Ottawa. With experience ranging from social media management for a department of the federal government to creating tourism content strategies while working abroad in Spain, Kira is a valued asset on the WJ team and never shies away from a little bit of adventure. 

When not cooped up during global pandemics, Kira loves to cross countries off her “Must-Visit” map, get in some ski time (or lake visits, depending on the season), catch up on podcasts, and tell you all about her plants.