WJC Team



Digital & Web Development


Junior Web Developer

After earning a Petroleum Engineering Technology diploma in 2013, Crystal spent years in the oil and gas industry before deciding to broaden her skillset during the initial tumult of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ravenous for a greater challenge, she dove fully into the new-to-her world of coding and soon realized she had a knack for web development – and not long after, she joined WJ as a junior web developer. Since then, she has not only contributed greatly to our digital work, but also to our various book clubs, webinars, and happy hours, where she always has some excellent insights to offer.

Aside from examining lines of code for perfect syntax, Crystal and her husband can be found at regular poker and dinner nights with the in-laws, hitting up the Calgary Entertainment and Comic Expo, or out in the campgrounds of Alberta with their two dogs.