Doubted is VoIP unreliable?

To find out the extent of reliability of VoIP, first we have to define the meaning of reliability itself. The sharpness and clarity of VoIP sound quality is the minimum requirement to be reliable. A reliable means of decent quality that allows you to only have your conversation without calling disconnected, delay, jitter, noise and robots sound. It also includes the ability to make and receive calls at any time is needed, bearing in mind the requirements are met, such as connectivity.

 There is a common perception that VoIP is relatively unreliable, compared with conventional telephone and mobile phone. This perception, while not quite correct, since in a dubious perception Is VoIP Unreliable? That’s why we call it just the perception, founded on facts. A drop still happens often quite, and we still face many problems when calling through VoIP, even on Skype. But whether VoIP should be blamed? According to many opinions, it is not necessary. Let’s see what dubious and provoke questions, is VoIP unreliable?

 To find out if VoIP is really reliable or unreliable, see advantages and disadvantages of VoIP:


–    Lower cost for direct long-distance connections. The main emphasis of VoIP is the cost. With two locations that are connect to internet, so the cost of the conversation becomes very low.

–    Take advantage of the infrastructure of existing data networks for voice. This is useful if companies already have a network. the existing network could be built VoIP network with ease. No additional monthly fees required for the addition of voice communication.

–    it is possible for local phone networks are merged with the existing one. With the gateway VoIP network is connected to existing Office PABX, communication between offices could use ordinary phone.

–    Various forms of VoIP network can be combined into large network.

–    Use of the existing equipment variations, e.g. from PC to an analog phone connection.

Weakness of VoIP:

 –    The sound quality was not clear compared to PSTN. The effects of compression and bandwidth then there will be a small decrease in sound quality compared to conventional PSTN network. However, if an internet connection use wide-band internet connection or broadband like Telkom Speedy, the sound quality will be clearer.

–    It needs configuration to make the running VoIP If using internet and computer behind network address.

–    VoIP equipment connecting with VoIP PRIVATE BRANCH EXCHANGE (IP telephony gateway) is relatively expensive. It is expected that increasing the popular of VoIP will make the price of equipment is cheaper.

–    It is potentially because network blocked or stuck. There is more and more the potential of your existing data network into a full if not set up properly. The bandwidth setting is necessary in order to keep the network in the company not become saturated as a result of the use of VoIP.

Although many opinions that VoIP is unreliable, but with all that potential, especially is notably a relatively inexpensive fee for long distance, VoIP conversations very potentially expanded. The paradigm that the PSTN is the core of the voice network has to be changed because an ordinary analog phone is part of the IP Telephony, which resulted in the development of IP Telephony, will be much rapidly than ordinary analog telephone.