Thoughts on facility branding: When is enough, ENOUGH?

My usual place to stay in Las Vegas is Trump International Hotel.  Upon entering Trump on my last visit I couldn’t help but snicker at the cleverly placed T as the door handle.  I thought to myself, “Boy, that guy brands everything.”  After throwing my suitcase on the bed, my marketing spidey senses started up again.  There it was – the Trump logo – on everything. From the paper liner in the garbage can,  to the soap, to the engraved book, to the letter T being spelled out in a Tic Tac Toe game – it was everywhere.  What over kill!  I realize the importance of a brand but he logos everything.

This trip I decided to stay at another property to change it up.  Upon arriving there was no logo or brand except for behind the front desk.  In the room, a few pieces of literature with the logo.  Nothing permanent had the logo on it.  Even other sub-brands have crept into the room.

I have now become very use to being over marketed to and actually feel lost without it.  I feel like I am staying at my neighbor’s condo as compared to a high end hotel.

Trump is brilliant.  He keeps reinforcing where you are staying and associates his brand with attention to detail.  The T in the tic tac toe game is brilliant.  The T on the door is brilliant, especially with the guy in white gloves opening it.

Be proud of your brand and don’t be ashamed to flaunt it.  You worked hard to build it.  I still question he paper liner at the bottom of the garbage can with the Trump logo on it – I would rethink that one Donald.