Brilliant Holiday Campaigns 2016

Ah, the holiday season. The time of the year that has us brimming with anxious excitement, as we try to ensure everyone has a gift with their name on it under the tree, enough sugar cookies have been baked, and all the loose ribbons have been have been tied up.

This is also the time of year when the media begins to become peppered with Holiday campaigns, large and small. At first, the smattering of green and red themed commercials is light, but as December approaches, the media is engulfed, by the good, the bad, and the funny.

The team at WJ has been diligently keeping our eyes peeled, searching high and low for the perfect campaigns to gift to you, and here is what we ended up buying… into:

HotelTonight , “Visit, Don’t Stay”

HotelTonight is a mobile travel app that allows users to search for discounted hotel accommodation. Being that the holidays contribute to a huge influx in travelling plans, the company launched a campaign that taps in to the widely-spread notion that while a bit of family can be great, sometimes a lot of family can be… a bit too much.  HotelTonight uses a multitude of mediums, including social media, print, and audio ads, to display comical, yet relatable messages to invoke people to “visit, not stay”, at their relative’s homes over the holiday season.

Waitrose, “Home for Christmas”

British supermarket chain Waitrose created a commercial that appeals to the emotional side and tugs at the heartstrings. The advert tells the tale of the onerous odyssey a young robin endures, in order to return home in time for the holidays. The robin battles against obstacles such as stormy seas, eagle talons and hungry weasels before being reunited with his mate and enjoying a holiday mince pie. The 90-second underdog story connected so genuinely with viewers that it is now being developed into a book.

H&M, “Come Together”

Retail giant H&M jumps aboard the trendy train of using big name actors and directors to create highly stylized and visually appealing commercials to showcase “H&M’s holiday collection full of relaxed, wearable elegance. It’s about mixing the informal with a sense of occasion, capturing the holiday mood for both dressing up and getting cozy with loved ones.” The short film tells the age-old story of passengers travelling to reunite with loved-ones for the holidays, but does so in a chic and elegant manner, marketing H&M apparel in an appealing manner throughout.

The moral of this Christmas campaign story is simply this: there are numerous ways you can connect with your customer through your marketing campaigns. Whether you choose to use humour to break down the walls of tough-to-crack Millennials or tell an emotional story to touch your audience and strike a chord, it is essential that you tell your story and share your message with authenticity and honesty.

Do you really “Like” my brand?

At the forefront of social media conversations, the topic du jour seems to be the importance of generating ‘likes’ or ‘fans’. Your company has 2000 likes on Facebook? Well, ours has 6000. Does that make us any better?

I have found some interesting articles on the subject, most recently relating to a keynote discussion at the Social Media World Forum Europe, held in London on March 29th. In his address on the Socialisation of the Internet, agency sales group head at Facebook, David Parfect, challenged this thinking. He stated that “just because a brand has 17,000 fans on Facebook, that does not mean these fans are engaged with them. That is just where the marketing should start.”

I cannot agree more with David Parfect. Generating a ‘like’ is similar to having a customer subscribe to your email database. If you do nothing with that subscription, in terms of engagement, you’ve lost. Regardless, so many times success is measured by the number of fans on your Facebook page, not how successfully you engage with them, or how many continue to interact with your brand. It also reminds me of online advertising – an impression is great, but if it’s not meaningful or engaging, it’s relatively useless.

I thought this was important to point out as brand building is as much about engagement as it is about awareness. Yet, so many times we seem to get lost in the numbers – how many ‘likes’ we have, how many followers or how many subscribers. Take a minute to step back and look beyond the numbers – think about quality engagement and building brand advocates rather than simply someone who will like your brand today, and forget about it tomorrow. These kind of brand advocates are harder to find, and even harder to measure, but they are worth it.

When it comes to Social Media, we’re not on the elementary school playground anymore. Even if people like you, they don’t necessarily want to hang out with you all the time.

How would you measure success when it comes to Social Media marketing?

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