The Rise of Branded Content

Branded content is a form of advertising that has risen significantly in popularity over the past few years. Branded content is essentially entertainment content that has been “branded” by a company. There are many types of branded content that exist today; apps, video games, music, web pages, television, and even entire feature films are funded entirely by companies.

Websites such as BuzzFeed have become hubs for branded content. BuzzFeed has coined itself “the viral web in realtime”. Going “viral” is a buzzword that attracts big brands in a major way. Brands such as Nokia partner with BuzzFeed to post “13 Things Your Cell Phone Says About You” Virgin mobile is also a content marketing all-star on BuzzFeed. When Instagram was released for Android, Virgin Mobile released “11 Things No One Wants To See You Instagram” and it became a viral hit.


Brands do need to be careful of what they are branding, even though most branded content tends to be a little lighter and fun, brands still need to be strategic to ensure the content is aligned with their target audience and brand strategy. Use of a strategic agency can align your brand with content that speaks to your product or service.

What do you think? Are sites such as BuzzFeed the future? Does this mean the end for branded blogs? Leave your comments below.