You might have seen in the news a spot of bother over a particular ad running for an Edmonton hair salon…We won’t get into the issue other than to say that creative sometimes rubs folks the wrong way and you have to be prepared to deal with the consequences as the “owner” of that piece.  We’ve encountered a bit of this recently (although with a significantly LESS provocative advertisement) and we’ll admit, we were surprised at the outcome.

When we opened our Las Vegas office, we were inspired by the old Vegas, vintage noir that comes along with the nickname Sin City – and out of this – our Lady Luck is B!tch ads were born – and not only ads – we put her on a 10 foot tradeshow display!  Originally running in tradeshow publications, the ad encourages businesses to seek professional help for their marketing woes and NOT to leave their marketing to chance.  Our Lady Luck even won a Colour in Design award from How Magazine.  But then we tried to run it in real life publications….

We submitted the ad to be featured in a Saskatchewan magazine to help us promote ourselves to new clients in the local market. The publisher refused to run the ad, because of the perceived negative tone and connotation. We still thought that the ad was important, well-delivered and even classy – so we negotiated with the publisher to create a second, more demure version.  The ad will run in the magazine’s next issue.

We also submitted the original ad to run in a well-respected Las Vegas publication that was a great fit for its message — an annual feature of the city’s advertising and marketing firms. Who better to embrace the message of playing your luck than Las Vegas?  Some of the editors at this Sin City publication were concerned that the content was too racy (for VEGAS??); but, after the head editor’s personal walk to see the publisher, the ad has run in its original format and was released this past Monday.

Coincidentally, in the midst of all these issues – we actually got a call from a prominent Alberta business publication with a REQUEST from the Editor to run the original ad in question – with a link to our own website where it was featured!  The magazine even offered its back cover placement.  Imagine our surprise!

What do you think?  Are we safe or is Lady Luck REALLY a B!TCH?