In 2007, social media was an unchartered marketing landscape. It was a new market for businesses to strengthen their brand and engage with customers in a way that hadn’t been used before. For the most part, corporate social media repurposed the messaging from other media channels and would attempt to follow the same one-way communication model that they had used in the past.

In 2015, social media marketing is head and shoulders above its shaky beginnings. Now, social media is used as a dialogue to engage customers, share up-to-the-minute information, and reinforce your brand on a daily basis. Your customers expect this level of engagement, from the very biggest corporations to the smallest of small businesses.

When starting your social media campaign it is important to come up with a strong strategy.  Keep the following list in mind when you are developing, implementing, or analyzing your social media campaign:

  1. Know your goals: What is your company trying to achieve through its social media? From client retention, client acquisition, or brand awareness, it is important to understand the story your company needs to tell. Ultimately, this will drive the content you will generate moving forward.
  2. Know the platform: Decide which platform is the best to connect with your customers. There are plenty to choose from, but there is no point spending precious time developing a campaign for Instagram if prospective and current customers aren’t there.  Seeking engagement on platforms devoid of potential customers is time and money consuming, so save yourself the hassle and come up with a strategy to best use the right channels.