Once your brand is established it is important to think of how the public will continue to interact with your brand moving forward. The best way to get your potential and current customers to carry your brand is through engagement and personalization. Personalization draws your customers in, while engagement keeps them with you.

Through personalization, you give your customers the opportunity to interact with your brand playfully. A perfect example of this was Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke with… campaign. Starting in Australia in 2011, Coca-Cola changed their can and bottle branding to include individual names. This campaign now runs in over 80 countries, each individualized for the most popular names in each market. This campaign was ragingly successful, giving Coke an increase in its market share for the first time in years. Customers could not only engage with the brand at the point-of-purchase through searching for their names from the wide variety, but also on social media, sharing their experience with friends. In addition to the collector aspect, Coke also offered customers the opportunity to order their name (or other brand-friendly nouns) on personalized cans.

Similarly, Heinz Soup in the UK offered personalized ‘Get-Well Soon’ cans of soup for order through their Facebook page. Capitalizing on the onset of cold and flu season, Heinz not only tapped into the personalized marketing that Coke has enjoyed success with, but also leveraged the emotional appeal of a bowl of soup for your ailing friends.

Social media has been an excellent vehicle for taking your brand that extra step and engaging your customer base. For a great example of engagement through social media, look no further then the Taco Bell Twitter and Facebook accounts. Starting in 2007, Taco Bell took to social media as an inexpensive way to spread their brand. Like many companies at the time, Taco Bell initially repurposed media content from other channels and forced it to fit in social media. Through the years, Taco Bell has upgraded, creating social media specific content, as well as getting its base of followers to engage and share their brand through creative campaigns.

Taco Bell does not shy away from two-way conversations with its clients, and even competing brands. Through personalized tweets, including responses to loyal followers, Taco Bell has found a way to engage customers, personalize content, and reward loyalty.

Social media, engagement, and personalization allow you to take your brand from a stuffy, one-way communication to an interactive and engaging platform. Your customers are beginning to expect this from companies, so it is important to plan for this now. Think: how can I make my brand messaging appeal to individuals, and in what ways can you engage at an individual level with your customers?