There is definitely a sensibility unique to the market that WJ lives and works. This isn’t Toronto or New York; this is Western Canada. Our cities and freeways still remember that they were small towns and main streets, and we understand a handshake will always go further then an email.

We place importance on different values here. Although it is our shrewd business-sense that has catapulted Western Canada to economic success, there is a personalized touch to everything we do. At the end of the day, people buy from people, not businesses, and that is something that the Western Canadian market understands. In combination with hard work and great product or service, this breeds the success unique to Western Canada.

It is easy to point out what it means to be from Calgary or Saskatoon (Or Red Deer, or Regina, or Swift Current…) To us at WJ, it means relating with those we do business. It means picking up the phone and scheduling a face-to-face instead of an endless back-and-forth of impersonal emails. It means blue jeans instead of suits (but understanding a great suit fits for the right occasion). It means understanding the unique challenges in our market, and understanding the businesses we help through those challenges. It’s hard work, determination, and grit. It’s all the things that set us apart from other markets, and exactly why we can weather any economic forecast.

Like we said earlier, this isn’t Toronto or New York; this is Western Canada and this is the reason we are proud to do business here.

We want to continue this discussion. What is it about the Western Canadian market that you find unique? What are some of the challenges and opportunities in working here? Contact us via this blog, or connect with us through our social media.