How can I describe my time here at William Joseph?? In one word… amazing!!

This has been one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. Being in school for the last 4 years is no comparison to what I have witnessed and experienced in the last couple of days at William Joseph.

Today we had a chance to go offsite to a client meeting where the team pitched their concept. I have always thought that I was fairly good at presenting, but watching Scott, Jason, and Liz today made me realize I could learn a thing or two from them! They were fantastic! They were so engaging, and the main reason why is that they were so passionate about the idea that they were presenting; and over the course of the pitch you could tell that they had done their due diligence and that really, it was the right course of action and the best idea for them! I can honestly say that I am a little bit sad to go home, and if living in Calgary was not so expensive, they may have not been able to get rid of me . . .

I want to thank everyone at the office for putting up with all of my questions but most importantly for being so friendly and inviting! I am not sure where my career path will take me in the next couple of years, but if I am lucky enough to end up at company like William Joseph, I can say that it will be great career and an ultimate dream come true! – Intern1 aka Lacy