What do you see? A vase or a face!?

A couple months ago, a couple coworkers and I were reminiscing the fun each of us had at “bush parties” back-in-the-day. After a few chuckles and laughs, we realized each of our visualizations of a bush party actually looked very different depending on where we grew up, our lifestyle and perception.

Definition of a bush party by:
·         Rural Saskatchewan Girl – party in an empty field with a bonfire
·         Rural Alberta Boy – party in an empty field/farm
·         Urban Alberta Girl – party in a park with sparse gathering of bushes
·         Rural Ontario Boy – party in a forested area

What does this have to do with marketing, you ask? Well, let’s take this into the web world. One technique may work for one client, where others do not. When I start a website project, I brainstorm ideas specific for the client: what is their industry? Who is their target audience (gender, age)? Any corporate colour themes to be restricted by? Any websites the client likes? The questions are endless! I put myself in other people’s shoes and ask myself “how would so-and-so-from-this-industry-or-age-group-interpret-this?” Age range of users plays a big factor on how fancy or complicated a site can be built.

Another perspective to have is for a Web Developer, like myself (!), to critique the website. Us Web Devs have built many websites in our lifetime; we know what makes sense from a usability standpoint and how design should work in terms of menu layout and functionality. Working with a Creative (graphic designer) will give you design highlights to make the design pop, and their expertise and talent will vary from person-to-person as well.

What do we learn from this? We are who we are from our past and everyone’s perspective will be different. Learn from those around you with the expertise and soak up their talent to the fullest. This is what they do best. Embrace it!

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