It’s Monday and like most Monday’s – it’s a grunt (and I probably speak for a lot of people when I say that).

As I was getting ready this morning and hating life, it occurred to me that I had heard four radio commercials for the Lotto Max lottery. “Live life to the max . . . . chances to win $50 million”.

Being a Pieces sign and having natural tendencies to daydream, I started to “thought shower” on how I would spend $50 million.

After several minutes of laying on the beach, having lunch in Venice, dinner with Brad & Angelina and driving a fast car into the sunset it suddenly dawned on me what was happening.

The Canadian Lottery Gaming Corporation was selling me their product (and millions of others like me) at my weakest moment.

I think this is a very smart execution for three reasons:

a) The media plan is bang on – in the morning when everyone is at their lowest (and desperate for an escape)

b) Theatre of the mind that allows people to day dream and subconsciously convinces them to buy a ticket

c) Being sold to without knowing you’re being sold to

Well done Canadian Lottery Gaming Commission!