February is a unique month: it has the least amount of days, it’s the only one that can change its length, and of course, it’s known for holidays like Valentine’s Day and Family Day. Family and affection are a huge part of the culture at this time of year, so it’s a perfect excuse for me to talk about some of the things I love about my work with William Joseph Communications.

WJ was my entrepreneurial dream. When I was younger, I just knew that one day, I would own an agency praised for its strategic approach, its creative capabilities, and its knack for laughing in the face of supposed limitations. And now here we are, 18 years in, and that dream has come true. WJ has earned its place among the top marketing torch bearers of western Canada, and we show no signs of slowing down.


Where I may have had a vision, my WJ family made it a reality. Every bit of WJ’s success comes down to the people I have worked with over the years, both inside the company and outside of it.

To start, I often can’t believe the quality of the team we have in-house. They are responsible for the incredible growth and the great results that we’ve had over the years. Each member brings a unique knowledge, perspective, and creative “flavour” to the agency, and when I see how hard they work, it inspires me to continue to get up and do the same. They’re a second family to me, and we come together to change the world, one client at a time. They’re entrepreneurial, they’re adaptable, they never settle for the status quo, and it seems like they’re always pushing the agency forward, enabling us to become a little better with every project.


But then the clients! I am thrilled by the variety of clients we work with. Everything from disease and vaccine research centres, to energy production companies, to IT support and non-profits…the list just goes on, and no two clients are ever the same. This variety keeps us on our toes and keeps our thinking fresh. And then afterward, when we see the success and the results of what we’ve accomplished together, it’s always so rewarding to know we played a part in that.


Finally, something else that I adore is how strongly we have grown over the years, and how we personally are constantly growing with it. WJ started in a basement with a single computer and a cell phone, so this expansion – now spread across four cities in two provinces, with nearly 30 employees – has been amazing to experience. It challenges me as a leader and an entrepreneur, and not only do I get to be a marketer, but I can embrace my role as a business owner. Going from that basement laptop to one of western Canada’s leading agencies has been a ride I wouldn’t trade for any other.


In the marketing world, if you don’t have a genuine passion for and love of the work you do every day, it’s going to show up in everything you touch. But on the flip side, when you can look around and see a team and a workplace that is genuinely engaged in what they do, and is consistently delivering a level of work that stands tall amongst any of the industry heavyweights – well, the dedication and admiration present in that is going to show up, too. It’s not hard to see which one shines through at WJ!


Ryan Townend,
CEO of William Joseph Communications