At William Joseph, we check our egos at the door and come together as one unified team to help our clients achieve their business goals. Authenticity is at the heart of all that we do, whether we’re crafting a digital strategy or designing eye-catching creative. Our success as an agency is fueled by our clients’ success; helping our clients tap into their authenticity by defining what sets them apart is at the core of our strategy. In a society where the see and be seen mentality reigns supreme, authenticity is more important than ever.

Today, the world is at our fingertips. We’re afforded more opportunities than ever before to explore new interests, contemplate new ideas and blaze our own trails.  In the landscape of information-overload, it’s easy to get lost in the noise, losing sight of what’s important to us and who we are. Living an authentic life that aligns with our values and interests is no easy task, but with confidence and conviction, it’s what sets us apart as individuals. Everything from how we dress and how we communicate to our interests and our hobbies helps shape not only how we define ourselves, but how the world sees us.

The ways in which we cultivate our identity, through our words and our actions, informs a sense of authenticity in both our personal and professional lives. Trust is a shrinking commodity; over the past few years, studies have found that younger generations are far less trusting than their elders. For millennials, trust is not assumed, it must be earned. Being authentic on all fronts is crucial in developing this sense of trust. It’s no surprise then, that in the way businesses project themselves, authenticity is more important than ever.  Defining what makes you and your business unique – what sets you apart from the crowd – is the first step to creating authentic, honest connections and presenting your business in the best light.

In our next issue of the WJ magazine, which will be published later this month, we delve a little deeper into the importance of defining your brand in both your personal and business life. We look at how first defining your strengths and crafting a core vision for you and your business can guide your decision-making process, motivations and goals.  By ensuring that every choice you make is aligned with these core values and ideals, you’ll establish authenticity, build brand equity and win loyal followers along the way. After all, people love brands that are authentic.

We also take a look at the top digital trends to embrace this year. Today’s influx of digital technologies creates endless possibilities to connect with others and build genuine, long-lasting relationships. The digital world promotes transparency, which is why it’s so important to project your business in a way that resonates with your audience, authentically. Knowing how and where to begin can be a challenge, but aligning with marketing professionals who live and breath the digital sphere can help propel your business to success. Connecting with your customers online will not only generate leads and sales, but is also a powerful vehicle for your ever-important brand-building.

A strong, confident brand will help inform why you do what you do and ultimately your corporate culture. I know that for me, the personal brand I’ve cultivated throughout the years has helped inspire the culture in my agency. We’re big personalities here with even bigger heart, and our office culture helps inspire everything we do.

Please watch out for the latest issue of our magazine, as I hope that our passion for both our clients and the work we do for them is conveyed through its pages. This year, let’s make building and projecting our best, authentic selves – whether in business or in our personal lives – our focus. Let’s connect as people and do good business.