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If you drive between any two communities in Canada or the USA, you’re almost guaranteed to feel the familiar bump of a railroad track at some point. In big cities, small towns, and rural highway crossings, it’s common to watch a train roll past. To wonder where it’s going on the 260,000+ km of railroad that sprawls over North America.

Services Used

  • Creative Services
  • Digital Services
  • Media Buying & Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Web & Interactive

But with so much track to cover – and so much, quite literally, riding on it – how do companies monitor and maintain it? 
Well, they get some help from companies like BossPac. And when companies like BossPac need help telling their story and building their brand, they come to us.

Keeping a brand on the rails

BossPac entered our radar in 2022, searching for a professional team that could elevate their brand, marketing materials, and overall strategy to better reflect their products and capabilities. They had spent many years perfecting their line of railway monitoring sensors, cross-industry safety solutions, and other specialized logistics tech. Their stuff was good, too – the kind of inventions that set new standards for entire industrial sectors. 

Now, they needed to make sure everyone knew that BossPac was there to share that potential with the world.
Our strategists got to work on all the proudly nerdy stuff we love – the data, the research, the industry analyses, the trends and predictions. Before long, they had emerged with some key insights to carry forward. They seasoned them with clear, distinct messages that spoke the full value and language of BossPac as an organization.

Using these ideas, our creative team joined the fun and started to flesh out how these messages could be expressed visually. We made some new logo options, chose new colours and textures, and picked fresh new fonts to put in an updated brand guide. We compared different moodily-lit pictures of trains. Yes, our jobs are cool, thank you.
At the same time, the strategists built out a marketing plan, bringing in our in-house e-wizards (aka the digital strategy team) and social media support onto the project. 

We launched a social blitz and a digital ad campaign, making sure everyone knew about our stylish new client’s stylish new brand. 
Our web developers strapped in to master-plan and rebuild the BossPac website. In a scientific sense, it needed this additional support so it could hold up under the weight of so much great new material. 
In short, BossPac got the holistic, full-house WJ treatment: a brand evolution, a guide on how to differentiate themselves in the industry, and plenty of slick new collateral to launch it all properly.

Ready for the future of railroads

You can see their new website in action, along with the creative and design elements we made for them. Take some time to look at the (actually very interesting and cool) technology they use and refine. And when you inevitably think, “Wow, I love the way this is presented!”…
…well, you know where to find us. Come get some of that style for yourself.