Anyone can tell you where you are. Let’s find out where you’re going. Join us at the intersection of now and next


Our offices are full of warm, crackling vinyl and more than a few leather chairs. The sunshine and the great views help us squeeze some fresh creative juice, but sometimes we’re so busy that we barely notice them. It’s a place where anyone is welcome and anyone could be the expert in the room. Every day is different. It’s our home away from home. And you’re always invited.

Ryan Townend

Owner, CEO

Jordan McGill

Director of Strategic Marketing

Morgan Bell

Director of Operations

Stuart Karol

Director of Client Services

Jason Kessler

Director of Digital and Technology

Johnny Talisman

Creative Director

Andrew Jepson

Social Media Specialist

Melissa Thorne

Senior Art Director

Skye Anderson

Social Media Specialist

Sarah Gavigan

Operations Specialist

Rae Walls

Social Media Specialist

Nicole Enns

Senior Client Marketing Advisor

Natasha Bourdon

Senior Marketing Strategist

Namista Tabassum

Marketing Strategist

Matt Gillott

Senior Marketing Strategist

Crystal Lavallee

Web Developer

Kira Sideroff

Social Media Manager

Juwaan Luzny

Graphic Designer

Jolene Zidkovich

Client Marketing Advisor

Jessica Taylor

Graphic Designer

Jason Owchar

Senior Web Developer

Heather Sutherland

Client Marketing Advisor

David Kirk

Content Writer

Taylor Lang

Content Writer

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