We hate to tell you this, but your website sucks. Well, okay – sorry. We take that back. We don’t know for sure if your website sucks, but odds are pretty good if you’re still with us after that rather brutal and insulting opening sentence, you already know the sad truth: your website isn’t a stellar example of online excellence. It’s not representative of your brand, and it definitely isn’t pulling its weight when it comes to growing your business and generating sales. Don’t worry. We’ve looked at a lot of websites and have developed hundreds more. Believe us when we say plenty of websites fall heavily into ‘sucking’ territory. Your terrible website is in good, albeit unfortunate company.

Whether or not your website sucks, the real question is, why does your website suck? Well, it’s likely for a lot of reasons, to be honest. But let’s start with the most basic: Your website sucks because you had no idea why you were creating it in the first place. Oh sure, every Tom, Dick and Harry were creating websites when you decided to create yours, but in your fervor to keep up with those guys, you neglected to put any real thought into what you needed your website to do. Did you develop a business plan before you started your business? It’s the same principle. Without a clearly defined online strategy, your website is almost guaranteed to not function as it should.

Another reason your website sucks is because users can’t find what they’re looking for when they visit it – if in fact, they can find your website at all. In other words, your access and navigation needs some serious love and attention. There are tricks to the trade that eliminate the risk of being missed on a Google search and minimizing user frustration once they find you. If you don’t know those tricks or don’t use them, your visitors will likely get frustrated and leave before they are able to find the information they came for.

Speaking of content, your website sucks because you hired a $100 designer but used a .10¢ content writer. Let’s be clear: websites need to look appealing, but the key to their effectiveness is strong, engaging content. If you outsource your content to some foreign mass production house or hire a writer with little to no online experience, your website is going to take a serious hit.

Did you let your ego get in the way of making your website great? It’s a mistake to think that you know what users want from your website just because you own the business. You are not your customers. If you want to develop a website that truly appeals to them, one that meets their expectations and encourages them to spend money with you, it’s essential that you gather key insights on your target market. No proven user insights = a website that sucks.

You know why else your website sucks? You didn’t take mobile devices into consideration when you created it. Navigating on a smart phone is completely different than navigating on a desktop or laptop computer. If you don’t have applications for both, your website sucks.

And let’s talk about imagery for a second. It’s a widely known truth that people love pictures, but when you cut corners and taint your website with low-resolution, unprofessional photos, you completely crush your organization’s credibility. Of course, we understand the realities of budget, but even if it’s not feasible for your company to hire a photographer to capture original images that match your brand, the world of stock photography is pretty impressive (and a much better alternative than your grainy iPhone photo from three years ago).

Last, but not least (well not really, because we could go on forever with this subject), if your website has any of those kitschy “under construction” or “coming soon” graphics, it completely sucks. Don’t launch a website that’s not ready. It makes you look amateur and you lose credibility with users.

Ready to create a website that absolutely in no way sucks? We can do that for you. Give us a call.