After an evening exploring downtown on the C-train with my partner in crime Lacy, a good night’s sleep, and more than a few cups of coffee I was ready to take on Day 2.

We started the morning off down in the Monkey Room with the Strategy team. There wasn’t any monkey business; instead we did do some real great exercises in creative thinking. One thing that has really been impressed on me today is the impact of creative thought on the entire marketing process. The team is really great at bringing creativity into both strategy and design for their clients. It has encouraged me to try to practice actively thinking outside the box in the future.

Then it was off to help with a few administration duties upstairs, before meeting with the CEO in the boardroom. We were able to sit in on a video conference with a potential client. It was great to listen in on the meeting and try to understand the clients’ requirements and vision for their organization (which is going to be a very exciting addition to Saskatoon!- But I’m not allowed to talk about it because we had to sign a non-disclosure agreement). Ryan Townend, William Joseph’s CEO was able to describe all of the ways that the agency would be able to help them reach their goals and make the impact that they are looking for. I was very impressed by the relationship that starts to develop from the very first meeting with a client! It was also an awesome opportunity to meet the men behind William Joseph and get to discuss their company and the industry; they have really opened my eyes to the world of opportunity both inside and outside of Saskatchewan.

Next, we sat in on a meeting between Strategy and Design while they planned for an upcoming presentation. The staff here are very hard-working and kept busy with several of the projects that they have on the go, but still make time to share a few jokes and have some fun. Afterward, we stuck around and had an excellent discussion with Scott Hartley, Director of Client Services; it was so interesting we almost forgot to go to lunch! I had my first experience with a Calgary food truck over lunch before returning to the office to spend the afternoon updating contact lists and analyzing clients’ use of social media sites.

It’s been another great day, and I’m looking forward to Day 3 tomorrow!
– Intern2 aka Cera