Today has been an amazing experience so far into the world of advertising; and what’s great is that there are still 2 days left, which means that there is still a lot to see and learn! What I can say so far is that all the classroom learning cannot compare to what it is like to actually be in the center of it all. In any business school you spend a lot of time working in groups, and every professor will assure you that collectively you will come up with better quality ideas then when you work alone. I personally have had good and (more often than not) bad experiences working in groups. You know the experience I am talking about! That one group where one person does all the work because there is that one mysterious group member that no one seems to know or have ever met. One thing that absolutely impressed me today at the office was the level at which the staff at William Joseph works together, and ultimately the culture that they have created. The staff here is not just a group brought together on a common project, but instead a extremely strong team all dedicated to a high level of customer service, and as such they produce some amazing ideas and executions. I would feel very lucky to be part of a company like this that not only has each other’s back, but can do it with a smile and joke along the way! I am excited to see what the rest of the week has to offer and what else I can learn while I am here! – Intern1 aka Lacy