Staying on top of trends in content marketing is crucial for companies to remain relevant and engage their audience. At William Joseph, we are constantly researching and discussing the latest trends in content and how we can help our clients utilize those avenues to achieve success. Trends are extremely timely, so it is important for your business to be aware of what content is most popular and jump on the bandwagon – that is, if your audience has already jumped on.

Currently, the rise of rich media is prominent for 2021 and is a key factor for engagement, especially for mobile devices. But what exactly is rich media and how can you maximize its potential?

Rich media includes different formats such as video, audio, or other elements that enrich the customer experience and allow them to engage with your brand. It moves, scrolls, and expands – offering a more interactive and wholesome experience that will speak to users. As we dive into the different types of rich content that are disrupting the conversation right now, it is important to reflect on how you can use it to your advantage and what tools are necessary to do so.


The Next Phase of Audio

Audio content is one of the pioneers of communication, having remained a staple throughout the evolution of media – and, from radio advertising to podcasts, it still resonates with audiences at any place and time. These days, thanks to rapid advancements in technology and increased consumer demand, the way you use audio to tell a story is constantly changing.

Podcasts and audiobooks are currently trending content mediums, but executing well can be a big undertaking. However, there are applications out there that make the process easier for beginners and simplify the learning curve. Alitu was designed for beginners and makes the discovery of podcast creation fun. If you are not quite ready to commit to your own podcast, find one related to your field and be a guest on an episode. It is a great way to dip your toes in the audio world without being overwhelmed. Canada is one of the top countries in the world for podcast listenership – with over 54% of Canadian adults consuming podcasts on a smartphone. Furthermore, audio ad spend is expected to keep growing, with an estimated annual growth rate of 11.18%.


What is Clubhouse Drop-In Audio?

Audio storytelling is so popular now, there’s even hype and exclusivity just trying to access certain applications. Clubhouse came into the scene in April of last year, enticing audiences by offering valuable audio content and interactive potential. But the social media platform is by invite only, which as consumers, only makes us want it more; and to add to the exclusivity, you must have an iPhone.

So, what exactly makes this app so unique other than having to cut through red tape to get in? Users not only receive exclusive content but can also participate in discussions and engage in networking opportunities. They join ‘rooms’ – which feature different topics of discussion to listen in on live conversations with leading experts and celebrities. Now that you know about this trend, how bad do you want in the club?


Video Content: Crucial for Success

Think about the last compelling video you watched. Did it pull at your emotions? Or make you feel connected to the content? Why did it pop into your mind when that question was asked?

Visual storytelling is one of the best ways to authentically convey your message and make real connections with your audience. Offering a more meaningful experience for users to become acquainted with your brand will help you grow organically, and if executed correctly, can greatly increase sales. Video content is worth investing both time and money, with 87% of video marketers saying it gives them a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Videos also satisfy the hungry social media algorithms, further amplifying your message to the world.

Consistency and authenticity will set you up for success in your video marketing efforts. The use of ‘stories’ on social media platforms allows you to share content in real-time, which will leave a genuine impression on your audience. Video should also be used to compliment your written content – which should still be a fundamental part of your strategy.


Tik Tok: Content Around the Clock

Did you know that Tik Tok users spend almost 900 minutes per month interacting with the app? That is almost half an hour each day that the over 1 billion Tik Tok users are engaging with content, that you could be sharing. But how do you tell if Tik Tok is the right platform for you to share content? While the app is most popular with younger audiences, more demographics are signing up and seeing what all the fuss is about. And they are loving it. So, first decide who you are trying to target and do a bit of research to see if Tik Tok could help you reach your goals.

Managing a content strategy is critical – giving you the foundation for your marketing. The strategy should also evolve as the trends do while providing a road map to guide your content creation. You must test your marketing ideas and strategies, then use your analytics and reporting to inform future decisions. Have fun with rich media and use it to your advantage. Experiment with audio by trying a podcast or hop on Facebook Live to offer behind-the-scenes footage of your business. Trying different ways to tell your story will show your audience you are committed, engaged, and keeping on top of the latest trends.