It’s all about the experience and functionality.

Less than two weeks to a co-worker’s wedding and less than ten months to my own, I found myself looking for gift registries last night. Being a little bit of a geek, I did a whole bunch of research on various stores and stumbled upon an article about Crate and Barrel’s gift registry. They have an app (free—even better!) which provides real-time updates to manage a gift registry. There is a scanner in the app which you can go in store to scan items to add to the registry. You basically have your personal scanner (your phone) vs. having to borrow the store’s scanner! COOL!

I thought I stumbled upon the best thing ever and decided to see this app in action. A mailing address is required and it only works with a ZIP code (no Canadian Postal Code). Having found this app but then not working was like running into a concrete wall. It even ruined my blog post! I was supposed to rave how easy-to-use technology helps consumers, how companies increase sales as the return benefit, therefore, marketing technology is important!

Since this app wasn’t all that was cracked up to be, the moral of this post is whether you are thinking of building a website or getting print material made, think of ALL the details and give the customer an experience they won’t forget so they come back for more. In this instance with Crate & Barrel, the idea was great, the functionality awesome, but one thing (however it seems minor) put a negative aspect to the product.