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Hone Medical

HONE was created with one mission: to save lives by changing how people learn. Hone delivers the vital emergency response training critical in times of crises through interactive virtual simulations and state-of-the-art equipment. Working with EMTs, paramedics, and medical students, Hone helps students reach their highest level of ability and practice through deliberate training in a virtual environment. This allows them to master the life-saving skills necessary for their practice virtually, so they are ready to successfully act in the real world.

Previously called Hurricane Medical, Hone required a new brand as well as tactics that would support them at an upcoming tradeshow, and contacted team WJ to help.

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Hone – Branding

Hone is focused on creating real-world results by empowering people to achieve higher levels of mastery through training in virtual reality. After conducing in-depth insight, we developed a compelling brand which better represented the company, its services as well as its future goals.

With a name that didn’t quite fit, the team at WJ collaborated with Hone to come up with a name that better described their product, services and mission. Defined as “to refine or perfect something over a period of time,” Hone better represented the company’s goal to strive for greater representations of reality as it seeks to bridge the gap between simulation and reality, allowing those who use its products and services to perform just as well in real-world situations as they do in simulations.

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Hone – Website and Collateral

We ensured that Hone had everything the company needed for their tradeshow based on the newly created brand, including a new logo, stationary, tradeshow booth design, marketing collateral, as well as a new website. Based on positive feedback and almost doubling the number of organizations who have signed on to use the software, Hone has requested to continue its partnership with our team. We are currently working together to develop and implement new, innovative ideas to further elevate the Hone brand, and to further penetrate the market.


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