GlobalTroxler is the exact example of a successful, bustling organization that is not resting on its laurels because they are prospering. They recognize the importance of continuing to keeping marketing initiatives ramped-up, and not allowing their success to effect their efforts. When GlobalTroxler came to William Joseph in 2016, they expressed the need for a new website. Their goal was to ensure optimal functionality for users, while maintaining a sleek look, consistently with the GlobalTroxler brand. William Joseph and GlobalTroxler worked together to achieve their goal in a timely-manner, and the result was a a high-functioning and aesthetically-pleasing website launched in early 2017. We sat down with a member of the GlobalTroxler marketing team, Denon Wilgosh, to gain more insight on their approach to marketing.

Tell us a little bit about GlobalTroxler!

GlobalTroxler sells, services, and rents the industry’s best equipment and supplies for survey, GNSS, geotechnical, environmental, construction, materials testing, and locating professionals. With over 10 years of experience we are committed to providing customers with the best experience possible through comprehensive product support and competitive pricing. We service what we sell.

GlobalTroxler has been in business for over 10 years. Did you recognize the importance of marketing from the get-go, or was it something you slowly ramped up?

GlobalTroxler always recognized the importance of marketing but, like many small businesses, we needed to reach a certain size before we could justify allocating resources to it.

What has been GlobalTroxler’s approach to marketing, and how has that changed as the company became more successful?

GlobalTroxler has approached marketing with the mindset of “no dollars wasted”. In other words, we want to ensure that every dollar we spend has the potential to create a tangible return in the form of leads and/or sales. It is because of this that we have focused all our efforts on digital mediums that are measurable and targeted. Some examples include our website and the use of LinkedIn advertising.

Now that we have seen success through digital marketing channels the challenge is to identify where to focus next. We have decided that attending as many tradeshows as possible, so that our customers can see and interact with the people behind the digital messages they receive, will provide us with additional brand recognition and trust.

GlobalTroxler rents, sells and services products that aren’t everyday items for the general population. Do you think this makes marketing challenging, and if so, how do you rise to the challenge?

We think that in some ways it is more challenging to digitally market B2B than B2C. For starters, main stream social media sites/apps tend to be tailored towards individuals (besides LinkedIn) and their personal interests outside of work. This is amazing for companies trying to sell their products to individual consumers but not so amazing for us as a company trying to sell our products to another company.

Because of this challenge the only social media we are present on is LinkedIn. It provides information that is highly targeted and allows us to interact with key decision makers using blog posts, product offerings, service information, and more.

GlobalTroxler has a marketing team in-house. How did you come to decision that you needed a partner to supplement your marketing efforts?

Sometimes it just makes sense to bring in a partner for tasks that can be completed much faster by a specialized individual.

What were you looking for when you were choosing your marketing ally, and why did you ultimately decide William Joseph was the right fit?

Firstly, we are looking for someone that takes the time to thoroughly understand our business before completing any creative work. Secondly, we want a marketing ally that treats us the same as their other clients regardless of budget. Our current marketing manager completed an internship at William Joseph and because of his pre-existing relationship could confirm that William Joseph met and exceeded the previous criteria. It was an easy choice.

The word “innovation” is a popular buzzword right now. What do you think makes GlobalTroxler “innovative” and stand out amongst its competitors?

Our website is more innovative and current than our competitor’s sites. We have plans to incorporate online training on the website as well as a client portal so that customers can find what they need when they need it. We are primarily focused on improving user experience and have some other ideas in the works as well.

What are GlobalTroxler’s thoughts on social media?

Inadvertently touched on this in question 4, but as a B2B company we don’t feel like it holds as much value as it would for a B2C company. The only social media we use is LinkedIn.

Are there any marketing tactics that you don’t see the value in when it comes to your organization?

Print ads, sponsorships, direct mail. The cost of these mediums can be high and it can be difficult to measure return properly.

From a technology perspective, what are some challenges GlobalTroxler’s marketing team faces?

With a smaller marketing team, it can sometimes be difficult to manage the content of a website with 1000’s of products while simultaneously trying to develop, design, and manage day to day marketing activities.

Calgary has been dealing with a downturn economy the past few years. In a slow economic climate, organizations often face budgets cuts, and scale down their marketing. Do you agree with this course of action?

No. This downturn provides the opportunity to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

What are GlobalTroxler’s next marketing steps?

Targeted search ads and SEO. We want to make sure that customers are finding us when they are searching for specific products and services. In terms of a broad goal we want to keep building our digital presence and come up with ways to separate ourselves from our competition. A long-term goal that we have is to find a way to reward customers through some sort of loyalty program.