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Tourism Saskatoon

Organizational Overview: Tourism Saskatoon is the main organization that promotes and spreads awareness of the Saskatoon community to potential visitors around the world. Highlighting the city’s numerous cultural attractions, restaurants, business opportunities, events, and facilities, their mandate is to capture the attention of tourists and ensure an excellent, world-class experience.

Listen: In 2014, the organization wanted to breathe new life into their advertising, branding, and overall campaigns, enticing even more visitors to choose Saskatoon as a destination – not only for business or obligations, but for cultural enjoyment, relaxation, and vacations. As long-time partners with WJ, they approached our strategy and creative teams for help.

Act: Over the course of several brainstorming sessions and iterations of consecutive ideas, a new concept to replace the prior promotional messaging came to light. This concept, Endless, represented all that Saskatoon had to offer and could be scaled and modified as needed. Development began on the Endless campaign while supporting work continued on smaller pieces, such as business cards, sell sheets, newsletter designs, and other collateral.

Many versions of the Endless idea were created over the course of the next year: Endless Celebration, featuring some of Saskatoon’s festivals, nightclubs, and other events; Endless Indulgence, highlighting the trendy food and beverage scene; Endless Success, pointing out the vast selection of business offerings and conference spaces; Endless Relaxation, showing the many recreational and outdoor activities around the city; and many, many more. All of these phrases were accompanied by branded photography, graphics, and copy in print, and many even made it to commercials, short films, and radio. Over time, they came to be targeted even more carefully to specific Explorer Quotient audiences, such as urban explorers, free spirits, and history lovers.

Results: The Endless campaign was among the most successful in Saskatoon’s history, garnering national attention and cementing the city’s place as an increasingly desirable destination. By 2018, Saskatoon had landed on the New York Times’ “52 Places to Visit” list – the only Canadian city to make the cut. With plentiful activities, eateries, vistas, and events, in Saskatoon, the possibilities are truly endless.

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