Case Studies

Thatchwood Ventures, Ltd.

Organizational Overview: Thatchwood Ventures, Ltd. is a trucking and transportation company based in Grande Prairie, AB. They provide hauling services for the construction, agricultural, and oilfield industries, and also deliver aggregate and sawdust materials to clients who need them for various purposes. Built on a strong reputation of excellent work, an unbeatable safety record, and an unwavering commitment to quality in every facet of their operations, they had developed a loyal client base over the years. Their dedication to proving themselves as the best choice in the market served them well. As more business came their way, however, they realized they were lacking the unified vision that would lead them forward.


Listen: Thatchwood sought out the help of William Joseph to create and develop a singular, purposeful brand that would set them apart from their competitors, and ensure all communications and materials had the same voice and feel. While they had seen great success over the years, their marketing and branding had always been a secondary consideration. They now wanted to be proactive for the future, set down their brand assets, and use them to design a new website and various other collateral pieces that would highlight their new look.


Act: Our first priority was to delve into the underlying tenets that defined Thatchwood’s current identity. We held a kickoff meeting with the owners, who outlined their thoughts on their business, their beliefs, their strengths, and what they hoped to achieve in the future. We discussed what the end goals would be, and how we could deliver what they needed while staying within their budget.

Then we moved into our Insights phase, which involves intense and exhaustive research into the marketplace, during which we found trends and opportunities that Thatchwood could capitalize on. In addition, we discovered the key differentiators of their organization, and laid out exactly what they offered in their customer experience that no other company could. We identified their target audience and ideal customers, complete with recommendations on how and where to reach them with the greatest potential returns. With all of the data in hand, we delivered our findings, increasing the clients’ confidence that we could help them reach their goals.

Next, we started developing the assets that would become the Thatchwood Ventures brand: the right mix of imagery, fonts, colours, and design that would unify the face of the company into one cohesive entity. We set out their why – their main focal point for existing – and turned their key differentiators into brand pillars, concise statements of every customer’s ideal brand experience. With these as a guide, the website design took shape, embodying the essence of the company and providing a single place for current and potential leads to get all of their information.

To support the website’s launch and the subsequent marketing efforts, we also created several leave-behind and collateral pieces, like business cards and brochures. All of these featured the new brand and language on full display, and infused their already-stellar reputation with an enhanced sense of professionalism and purpose. The final result? An extraordinarily happy client with a unified vision, a more prominent place in their market, and increased support for an Alberta business.

Thatchwood Ventures - Website example
Thatchwood Ventures - Brochure example
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Thatchwood Ventures - Business Card example