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TCU Place, Saskatoon – This Is Your Place Campaign

Inviting the World Back Through Multiple Mediums


As one of Saskatoon’s premier event venues, TCU Place is an exceptional meeting space for conferences, weddings, concerts, and other gatherings. Under their roofs, captivated crowds of sometimes thousands of people are able to gather in close proximity, where they can breathe the same air, shake the same hands, touch the same doorhandles…

You can see where we are headed with this. COVID-19. Restrictions. You know.

Every industry took a hit during the pandemic. For those who dealt specifically in the management of large crowds such as the event planning and hosting industry, that hit was especially hard.

TCU Place weathered the storm, continuing to uphold their excellent standards while rising to every challenge. However, they knew a vast well of pent-up creativity and longing had grown and grown among event planners during the cooped-up months of lockdown. With the end of the pandemic in sight, they wanted to find a way to speak to these event planners, and let them know that TCU Place was the place where that creativity could finally – and fruitfully – be unleashed.

They needed a bold new look to serve as invitation. They reached out to WJ to craft one.

What We Did

  • Campaign Concept & Taglines
  • Window Decals & Signage
  • Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Digital Ads
  • E-newsletter
tcu case study
tcu place case study

Connecting, Creating, and Celebrating


Conceived across multiple fronts, our ‘This Is Your Place’ campaign was designed to turn heads and grab attention. WJ would transform TCU Place itself with a series of physical decals and signage, as well as engage digitally through social outreach and targeted ads.

Emotion was key to the campaign – the crucial word in ‘this is your place’ being ‘your’. Key messaging invited people to come to TCU Place to connect, create, and celebrate (i.e., do all the things the pandemic had prevented them from doing). A choice of black and white photography throughout subtly emphasized this, hoping to provoke both event planners and event-goers alike to ‘remember’ all the good times that came before, and inspire them to make them a reality once more.

That’s not to say the entire campaign was monochrome. TCU Place’s existing branding centered around a very striking black and gold motif. It conveyed a sense of regality, formality, and classiness that had previously served TCU Place very well. We decided to shake things up, evoking new feelings of energy, potential, and liveliness by incorporating vivid colours like citric greens and electric blues. These tones speak to a new, younger generation of event planners, who may have disregarded TCU Place previously.

Social media avenues focused on engagement through contests. We invited people to share memories of previous experiences at TCU Place to win tickets to a future event, so they can make more memories. Share a memory. Make a memory. Simple, right? Inviting participation and interaction like this is a proven method of driving metrics higher and an organic way of disseminating messages.

Every aspect of the campaign converged in the animated video we produced. In just 30 seconds, a great deal of careful planning and execution on the part of our teams transforms into a dynamic and inspirational call to arms.

Or, in other words… Exactly what the client wanted.

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