Case Studies

TARA Energy Services

Organizational Overview: With over 400 employees and the largest fleet of its kind in the industry, TARA Energy Services supports the largest oil and gas plays in North America by offering production testing, frac flowback services, temporary production, green completions services, and more. TARA’s highly qualified and trained crews – combined with unprecedented equipment standards that exceed codes and industry regulations – align the oil and gas industry, people, and the environment and lead the industry in safety and environmental stewardship.

Listen:  Although TARA offered first-in-class support and the largest fleet available to North America’s oil and gas plays, their embodiment of industry excellence was not being clearly communicated through their traditional and digital marketing efforts. TARA partnered with William Joseph to develop a strategic marketing plan that supported their objectives of increasing brand awareness, fostering better internal engagement, and significantly expanding their team with world-class industry talent.

Act: TARA’s objectives were achieved by William Joseph’s strategic four-phase process, which saw William Joseph create a captivating written and visual brand that captured the essence of TARA Energy Services – such as their innovation with impact, greatness in execution, 24/7 on-demand availability, and passion for preserving the planet without sacrificing the progress and prosperity of the oil and gas industry.

Following the creation of William Joseph’s written and visual brand, William Joseph created striking brand assets – that included new brochures, tradeshow materials, and digital media that was employed throughout TARA’s social media channels – in combination with a thorough tactical plan that guided TARA towards their goal of global recognition amongst industry leaders and prospective TARA employees.

Results: William Joseph determined that social media was an effective way to reach a wide audience with TARA’s revitalized brand messaging and recruitment initiatives. During William Joseph’s period of strategically managing TARA’s social media channels, TARA experienced a 224% increase in Facebook engagement, 2327% increase in Instagram engagement, and a 990% increase in LinkedIn engagement – organically.

While TARA was previously challenged in finding world-class industry talent, William Joseph’s strategic execution of recruitment messaging saw TARA fill all of their available positions and experience a surplus of viable applicants for their North American growth.

TARA Energy Services - Brandboard
TARA - Brochure example
TARA - Invite example
TARA Energy Services - Recruitment Brochure Example

Our Process

William Joseph’s approach to marketing is strategic in nature and rooted in deep insight through detailed marketing research. Our team uses research to gain empirical data to address target audience trends. This same strategic approach applies to developing compelling brand stories and updating written and visual brands to reflect changes within the organization or environment.

Our four-phase process begins by us analyzing your industry, competitors, and organization to identify organizational objectives and the external and internal factors that affect them. This includes researching target audiences to identify concepts and messaging that appeals and resonates. After developing deep insight into your organization, its unique value for each audience, and its position within the industry, we would then develop an updated written brand for the organization. With our written brand work as the foundation, we would then refresh your visual identity to better align with the updated written brand.

Based on insights from our research and our work refining your brand, we would also be well-positioned to recommended strategies and tactics to better tell your organizations refined story across multiple channels, including through engaging content and other digital tactics.