Case Studies

Silverback Steam & Heating Rentals

Organizational Overview: Founded in 2017, Silverback Steam and Heating Rentals (Silverback) is a steam and heating rental company based out of Red Deer, Alberta. Silverback continues to advance the steam and heating industry with their superior equipment and their unwavering dedication to outperform the competition. Their determination to raise the bar in their industry – combined with their top-tier mobile and eco-friendly equipment – has inspired exponential growth since the company’s launch and has led Silverback to own and operate the largest selection of steam boilers and fluid heaters in Canada.

Listen: Despite offering superior equipment and the largest selection of steam boilers and fluid heaters in Canada, Silverback’s inconsistent marketing materials created a brand disconnect between the company and potential customers – resulting in misconceptions about Silverback’s ability to handle sizeable projects. It also undermined their level of establishment across North America.

Act: After conducting a significant amount of research into Silverback – their business, industry, competitors and market potential – it became clear that we needed to lead Silverback’s brand into a new territory by telling a story that embodied their philosophies, communicated the large scale of their operations, and emphasized their differentiated technical services and product offerings.


Once we identified Silverback’s story, we comprised a written brand essence to act as a bridge between Silverback’s internal culture and personality, and the more external components of the brand. Silverback’s brand essence was embodied by “Evolution in Action”, representing the value of evolution in their daily work which improves the short and long-term operations of their clients. In addition to the brand essence, we also developed Silverback’s key messaging and brand language, using the written brand to produce a bold and powerful visual brand, including a brand board and sample ads.

The completion of Silverback’s brand became the foundation for a turnkey tactical plan – provided and executed by William Joseph – which increased Silverback’s visibility and resulted in stronger market penetration. Execution included a new website, content strategy, social media management, advanced SEO, the creation of trade show systems, and more. By blending both traditional and digital media, the perception of Silverback’s company shifted from a small, local company to a North American thought leader in the steam and heating industry.

Silverback Steam & Heating Rentals - brochure example
Silverback Steam & Heating Rentals - interior brochure example
Silverback Steam & Heating Rentals - interior brochure example
Silverback Steam & Heating Rentals - logo
example of design of the front and back of Silverback's business cards
Silverback steam and heating services sell sheets
silverback website main overview
silverback website categories page
silverback contacts page on the website

Our Process

William Joseph’s approach to marketing is strategic in nature and rooted in deep insight through detailed marketing research. Our team uses research to gain empirical data to address target audience trends. This same strategic approach applies to developing compelling brand stories and updating written and visual brands to reflect changes within the organization or environment.

Our four-phase process begins by us analyzing your industry, competitors, and organization to identify organizational objectives and the external and internal factors that affect them. This includes researching target audiences to identify concepts and messaging that appeals and resonates. After developing deep insight into your organization, its unique value for each audience, and its position within the industry, we would then develop an updated written brand for the organization. With our written brand work as the foundation, we would then refresh your visual identity to better align with the updated written brand.

Based on insights from our research and our work refining your brand, we would also be well-positioned to recommended strategies and tactics to better tell your organizations refined story across multiple channels, including through engaging content and other digital tactics.