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Saskatchewan Pulse Growers

Organizational Overview: Saskatchewan Pulse Growers is a professional, farmer-led organization of growers and producers throughout the province, with a mission to provide leadership and market opportunities for those who grow some of Canada’s staple crops: beans, lentils, peas, soybeans, and many others. With an eye on both domestic and international markets and a focus on five key results areas, Sask Pulse represents the people who grow an important food source, and is constantly looking for ways to spread awareness and expand utilization of pulse crops.

Listen: In 2018, SPG was ready for updated materials that could be used for display, handouts, direct mailers, and other business activities, and contacted William Joseph for assistance. They would be attending numerous trade shows in the years ahead, and wanted eye-catching graphics and banners that could be set up on tabletops and beside their booths. In addition, they felt the need to attract more interest from the communities of Saskatchewan and the world at large, and further inform people about the versatility of pulse crops in healthy, everyday diets.

Act: We began with the creation of trade show banners and backdrops for use at the many trade shows and industry events that SPG would be attending. Using existing assets combined with a new vision, we made graphics for tables and booths that could be reused again and again over the years, maximizing the return on their investment.

The project expanded, and we soon found ourselves designing many other items, including pulse fact sheets for distribution, a specialized stamp set, and mail-out e-vites for farm tours and speaking events. For each, we maintained the overall feel and authority of the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers name, while imbuing the pieces with an approachable personality that invited interaction.

To that end, the most representative pieces were the numerous recipe sheets, collections, and cookbooks we helped design and print for widespread distribution. By spreading the word about Saskatchewan’s pulse crops, and promoting their multitude of uses in dishes of every kind, we played an integral part in SPG’s mandate to expand awareness of those crops.

Results: Since 2018, we have been  steady partners with SPG in their pursuit of growth and higher market share. We have become a trusted resource not only for trade show materials, but all their graphic design needs – from banners and backdrops to business cards, brochures, branded folders, and recipe books. Many of these materials make their way out of Canada and can be found in different places all around the world, where they promote the export and consumption of Saskatchewan lentils, beans, and other pulses.

Sask Pulse Growers - new magazine sample
Sask Pulse Growers - magazine sample
Lentils SPG - Cookbook Sample
SPG - recipe cards sample
SPG - Booklet Sample
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