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Renfrew Educational Services

Project Overview: Renfrew Educational Services has been a leader in education for children with special needs and their typically developing peers for over 45 years. With more than 650 students in five locations across Calgary, Renfrew exists to provide the best possible programs and services for children to grow and work towards their full potential, in a supportive and encouraging environment. As a non-profit and a registered charity, they consistently allocate the overwhelming majority of their funding to services, programs, and other administrative costs, and as a result, by 2016 their branding and website were in need of an update. They approached William Joseph to get a professional touch that could really show off what they stood for.

Listen: Due to their nonprofit status, community trust in and support of the Renfrew brand was a high priority for them. They wanted to update their logo, look, and branding across a suite of new promotional materials, in addition to a website redesign that would inspire more donations and better showcase their core beliefs to the city of Calgary. These updates would have to be sensitive to the nature of the work they do, and emphasize their utmost professionalism and quality of service, while retaining a child-friendly feel and tone. In addition to these, there would also be an eventual need for an overhauled social media strategy, able to effectively reach the network of students, teachers, parents, and others involved in the schools’ operations. With all of this in mind, and our goals clearly set, we got to work.

Act: Through our initial Insights phase, we identified some key trends of the industry and Renfrew’s unique offerings, in order to differentiate them from their competitors and reinforce their status as a true industry leader. Following up on that, we developed a new logo and brand for the organization, creating a friendly yet professional design with a comprehensive usage guide for future reference. This, in turn, helped us make new stationery, ads, and brochures, as well as a refreshed website, allowing easy access to necessary resources and a boost to their online reputation within their industry space.

In 2019, William Joseph began managing Renfrew’s social media accounts. This involved building a full content strategy, based on brand pillars that implemented many original Insights findings. We teamed up with Renfrew to ensure we positioned them as leading experts in their industry through relevant blog topics, showcased their innovative programs, and increased donations and funding with customized visual and written content.

Results: The updated site design has resonated strongly with the community over the years, cementing Renfrew as a top source of education and information for parents in need of extra support for their children. All written content we published on the site is there for future reference as well. The site and social media platforms are a place for community engagement and involvement, too – highlighting everything from job postings and school closures to neighbourhood events and new initiatives. Through the use of engaging visual and written media, we helped build a more supportive network around the Renfrew community and sparked more meaningful relationships between parents, partners, staff, and students.

“We love William Joseph’s philosophy and attitude! Ryan was great to work with, and the team was always very responsive.”

- Janice McTighe, Executive Director, Renfrew Educational Services
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