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Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce – #LoveLocalRD Campaign

Shop Where Your Heart Is

FACT: One in six Canadian small business owners are considering closing, putting more than 2.4 million jobs at risk. 

That’s a sobering statistic, even at the best of times. With the rise of international online behemoths seeping further and further into the daily lives of Canadians, and the mandatory closures of physical retail and catering spaces caused by COVID-19 only exacerbating that trend, it’s getting harder and harder out there for the little guy even in the major metropolises. For a provincial city such as Red Deer, which was already undergoing a period of economic hardship before the pandemic, it’s potentially devastating. 

The Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce (RDCC) reached out to WJ to help try and arrest this slump, and encourage Red Deerians to support their neighbours by choosing to shop locally. To achieve this, we quickly realized we needed more than just a campaign – we needed to create a movement. 

What we did

  • Product Package Design
  • Campaign Concept & Execution 
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Content Creation 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Website Development 

Painting The Town Pink

#LoveLocalRD was envisioned as a multi-format marketing plan that would stand out in both physical and digital spaces. We didn’t wish to encourage Red Deerians to shop locally – we wanted to encourage them to love locally. This differentiator was key to the campaign’s success. 

The first step was rallying and uniting local businesses to the cause. Through positive outreach and word of mouth, we managed to get over 150 local businesses participating in #LoveLocalRD. Our creative team came up with a striking hot pink motif for all collateral, which we encouraged the store owners to display in their windows. This eye-catching, high-contrast design was easily spotted as word of the movement spread, and more and more began appearing. You might say we painted Red Deer pink. 

In conjunction with this, we engaged in a concerted three-month social media push across multiple platforms. We primarily used visual storytelling to generate excitement through quick TikTok and Instagram videos before spreading outward through YouTube, Facebook, and the RDCC website. We also reached out to local influencers to help continue driving the movement forward. By delivering consistently high-quality content encouraging UGC and offering prizes donated from local businesses participating in the campaign, we managed to reach over 189,000 people for a total of 234,490 impressions – all in just twelve weeks. 

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