Case Studies

Orano Canada, Inc.

Project Overview: Orano Canada has been performing industry-leading uranium mining, transport, and processing operations in the Athabasca basin of northern Saskatchewan for over 50 years. Orano Canada extracts and processes the highest-grade uranium in the world. Having recently rebranded from Areva Resources Canada, Orano Canada came to William Joseph to develop a campaign to define the new brand as well as to develop the foundation for an effective and versatile communications strategy which engaged Northern communities as well as increased employee engagement. As a large, international company, there is the added challenge of having strict guidelines on how to use their current assets to ensure consistency.

Listen: Orano Canada has a vision for a future with sustainable energy sources that support the fight against climate change and believes that nuclear power will be an essential component of a sustainable global energy mix. This vision became the basis for Orano Canada’s new brand. Orano Canada understands that there are big challenges facing the world and its communities, and they are ready to them head-on alongside their employees, partners, and community members. Together, they believe we can create our best tomorrow – one that meets the future energy needs of the world and builds strong, flourishing communities full of thriving people and healthy environments, shaping the 2019 Orano Canada campaign theme, “Our Shared Future.” William Joseph knew that Orano Canada’s new brand had to not only foster pride in employees, but also help maintain social licence to operate by strengthening the company’s position as a good corporate citizen and key part of the community.

Act: After developing the campaign concept, we start building the execution plan – marketing objectives are set, communications strategies are identified, specific tactical elements are recommended, and measurement techniques are put in place. William Joseph and Orano Canada worked together to create a Strategic Marketing and Communications Plan. The scope included radio ads, social media management, email newsletters, and graphic design for recruitment, advertising and promotional activities, and overall brand awareness. We developed an in-depth social media and content strategy that provided detailed content pillars to guide all social media content creation, posting, and engagement.

Results: The Our Shared Future campaign was well received both internally and externally. Many employees were excited to see and share the stories and were surprised to discover some of the community initiatives, such as scholarship programs, that Orano Canada had been a part of for over 40 years. Follower count and engagement rate both improvement on social media, with Instagram engagement increasing by 300%! Multiple community members even reached out to provide additional stories that could be shared in the future. Annual surveys continually show strong support for the industry and increased awareness of the company.

Balancing the challenge of working with tight deadlines, quick turnarounds, and delivering a world-class product for a potential audience of millions, our continued collaboration with Orano Canada is emblematic of our ability to mobilize quickly, develop thoughtful and engaging messaging, and create impactful designs and deliverables with outcomes.

“The team has been responsive. It felt more like a collaboration or an extension of our internal team than receiving services from a third-party agency. WJ was able to help us stay on message and on schedule.”


- Veronique Loewen, Communications Manager, Orano Canada