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Last Best Brewing & Distillery | Bearhill Brewing Co.

RTD Award Winning Gin Cocktails

In the growing world of ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails, creating eye-catching and alluring designs is crucial to standing out on the shelf. This is especially true for local distilleries that are competing with big name brands – a challenge faced by Last Best Brewing & Distillery as they launched their new Gin Cocktail collection. After redefining what spirits could do in with their award-winning 2020.01 gin series – Afterglow, Savage Love, and Fortunella – the brewery set out to create a signature cocktail collection, with unique branding and packaging to match.

What we did

  • Product Package Design
Last Best's collection of ready-to-drink cocktails designed by William Joseph Communications sitting on wood table
WJ's creative designs for Last Best's line of ready-to-drink cocktails featuring Afterglow, Savage Love, and Fortunella
Image of text featuring number of Last Best's Award winning gins
Image of text featuring number of weeks from idea to implementation of Last Best's new campaign by William Joseph Communications
Image of text featuring number of graphic design projects rolled out by William Joseph Communications for Last Best Brewing

Unique & Fresh Packaging

The Last Best team had a goal of launching their new line within a month, and wanted to do so while exceeding the high expectations of their customers and creating a strong, long-lasting brand presence. We started with inspiration from their existing gin collection, showcasing a fresh take on classic flavours by infusing the crowns from the original brand logos with an organic art nouveau styling. The results were ornamental and refreshing can and packaging designs that perfectly matched each of the cocktails’ unique personalities and flavour profiles: Afterglow Gin & Soda, Savage Love Tom Collins, and Fortunella Citrus Iced Tea. You can see – and taste – these ready-to-drink cocktails for yourself at Last Best Brewing & Distilling in Calgary!

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