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INGU Solutions Inc.

Organizational Overview: Ingu Solutions, Inc. is a data company known for the creation of Pipers®, a revolutionary technology that provides oil and gas companies with immediate and affordable access to pipeline assets, even in the most challenging conditions. Pipers® are miniaturized inline sensors that detect leaks, geometric defects, safety issues, and performance-threatening pipeline deposits with zero-downtime. This innovative approach to pipeline inspection has resulted in INGU receiving numerous accolades, industry recognition, investment funding, and awards since their founding in 2014.


Listen: Despite wide industry acclaim and strong showings at many global conferences, competitions, and trade shows, INGU’s brand and presence was not highlighting the full potential of what their new technology could do. They decided to refresh their branding, logo and messaging, moving away from the high focus on features and the technical aspects of the Pipers® themselves.

Further to that, INGU needed help developing marketing tools that further promoted the new brand, and positioning themselves in the market to reach the target audiences they had defined. This included a new website, brochures, branded folders, trade show banners, and other items that could be used indefinitely and deployed worldwide.

Act: We began by looking further into the key points that INGU Solutions, Inc. wanted to highlight. This included finding out more about the Pipers®, how the data analysis worked, the benefits of what INGU offered, and the exact demographics that the company was trying to reach. Next, we looked at similar companies and how they were positioning themselves, in order to gain a better understanding of the factors that differentiated INGU from all of them.

With those key insights in hand, we created a new brand that focused much more intensely on INGU’s big offering: the power of reliable data that could be easily acquired, analyzed, and used, in an industry that was in dire need of it. Moving away from technical details, we reframed the brand around the benefits and positive effects that INGU’s technical achievements allowed: a safer, more efficient oil and gas industry; far greater insights into pipeline operations and maintenance; and vastly increased savings for each inspection, due to a lack of necessary shutdowns and downtime. Their messaging became one of unprecedented ability and visibility in regards to pipelines, immediately conveying what customers could expect from every interaction with the company.

From there, we designed several iterations of new logos, wordmarks, and font choices with input from the CEO. Once those were in place, we used the colours and styles to map out and build a website, matched exactly to the key messaging and goals laid out in the previous steps. Beyond the site, the new designs also became standard for press releases, social media posts, sell sheets, trade show banners, and instructional videos. Now, our brand guide helps inform the tone and voice of all INGU communications, across every channel – which is incredibly important, as through it all, the company has garnered international attention and is set to continue its exponential growth.

Ingu Solutions - Brand Board
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Sample Interior Brochure
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