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Grande Prairie Regional College

Organizational Overview: The Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC) was established in 1966 in Grande Prairie, AB, and has since expanded to several campuses and satellite schools around the province. Focusing on academic programs, apprenticeships, trades training, and high school equivalency for the people of Peace Country, the college is an important institution that helps drive the economic development of the area. The combination of qualified faculty, small class sizes, and extensive practical training makes GPRC highly sought after by employers, employees, and students alike.

Listen: For the 2019 school year, GPRC wanted to update its print and digital course catalog in order to reflect its offerings, values, and modern approach to education. They had brand guides and plentiful assets, but the organization was searching for a trustworthy design partner that could embrace their vision and bring it to life. From cover to cover, all the details would have to work towards the larger goal of telling their story and enticing their audience to action.

Act: (160 words) Using the branding already in place for GPRC, we set out to shine a new light on their personality, and reframe it for a public audience. However, we had to work within specific guidelines, making sure to include all the necessary information that potential students might need across a wide variety of courses, delivery methods, industries, and career goals.

We took the base information provided by the college and updated it to create one unified voice and presentation, maintaining a consistent standard throughout the entire document. With the required photographs supplied to us, our team of writers and designers went through the catalog page by page, building an informative and compelling booklet. Capped off by a striking cover design and a powerful tagline, the finished document loudly proclaimed everything that a future or current student of Grande Prairie Regional College would need to know, all in one compact package.

Results: The final version of the catalog was met with enthusiastic reviews, with specific gratitude for capturing and enlivening the overall vibe of the region and the organization. A year later, when the document needed a cover update for the 2019-2020 academic season, GPRC returned to William Joseph for a new design to use. We are proud to support Alberta’s post-secondary environment, and play a small role in the lives and careers of our province’s talented workers, students, and teachers.

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